The Sol & Luna Story

we believe Yoga is for everyone

Sol & Luna combines a love for design with a passion for practice. It began when two longtime friends set out to create an eco- and kid-friendly yoga mat; since then, Sol & Luna has expanded to encourage yoga and mindfulness practices for people of all different ages, backgrounds, and abilities.


Jasmin began practicing in 2009 to heal an injury. Since then, she's studied with a master instructor, taught classes to people of all ages, deepened her personal practice, and come to love hosting family yoga events. Jasmin is also Co-Founder of HumanKind Workshop, which develops and shares learning experiences that bring people together around topics like culture, bias awareness, and humility.


Bryan is a designer and educator living and working in Philadelphia. Bryan's home practice currently involves rolling around on a Sol & Luna mat with his three-year-old daughter and one-year-old son. He's currently an Assistant Professor at Tyler School of Art's Graphic & Interactive Design program, and Director of The Hatchery, Tyler's design incubator.