Yoga for everyone

It’s been known for ages that regular yoga practice leads to health benefits like improved focus, fitness, and mood, making it a helpful and healing practice for people of all ages and backgrounds. We believe that yoga is for everyone so we designed Sol & Luna to make the practice more accessible (and fun!) for as many people as possible.

Designed to inspirE

Characters Sol and Luna are easy to follow and can be found on everything we make. Our instructional prints and printable (PDF) yoga card decks and drawing journal pages inspire practice at home, school, or work!

Deck 1

*FREE* Yoga Card Deck #1

Printable (PDF) yoga card deck with a total of 16 poses

Deck 2 Yoga Cards.jpeg

*FREE* Yoga Card Deck #2

Printable (PDF) yoga card deck with a total of 16 poses


*FREE* Drawing Journal

Printable (PDF) drawing journal for self-reflection and expression



Warm Up Sun and Cool Down Moon basic series posters 

A Little Practice Every Day Goes a Long Way

Even just a few minutes of movement and deep breathing can improve how we feel. Whether there's space to move around or a chance to be still and breathe, we hope to inspire more and more people to enjoy the benefits of practice.


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