Breathe. Stretch. Shine.


Children's Yoga Reimagined

It's been scientifically proven that regular yoga practice leads to health benefits like improved focus, fitness, and self-regulation. So, why not start early? The Sol & Luna™ Kid's Yoga Mat is designed to help children practice at home—or wherever they might take their mat—with detailed basic poses and the encouragement to keep going!

The Mat

The Mat

The Sol & Luna™ Kid’s Yoga Mat is made with non-toxic rubber inks printed on an eco-friendly JadeYoga™ rubber mat, topped with an array of poses for easy reference while practicing, and illustrated with 14 yoga poses demonstrated by characters Sol and Luna.

The Design

The Design

Whether practiced a few at a time or all together in a series, each pose helps to increase focus, improve fitness and encourage imagination. Luna’s restorative and relaxing poses are great for cooling down, while Sol’s energizing poses are perfect for warming up.


  • Eco-Friendly Mat

    Sol & Luna™ Kid’s Yoga Mats are made with non-toxic rubber inks printed on the JadeYoga™ Pathfinders, which means they're made of all-natural, biodegradable rubber, a renewable resource. And, like all Jade mats, Jade plants a tree with every mat sold.

  • Kid-Friendly Design

    Our characters (Sol and Luna) model each pose with careful attention to form and alignment. Fourteen poses are displayed at the top of the mat for easy reference while practicing, and organized to guide basic yoga sessions at home.

  • Easy to Use

    Create your own pose series by starting at the top with Mountain Pose and moving toward Ground Pose with the help of Sol (warmer poses) and Luna (cooler poses) to guide you. Choose at least one pose per row for a well-rounded 10+ minute session.

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